Ole Vegetable Oil

Ole is a 100% cholesterol-free vegetable oil that is both heart-healthy and great for the immune system! Pure Soya bean Oil

Solo Anti-Bacterial Bar Soap

Solo anti-bacterial bar soap protects against germs you encounter daily

Magic Laundry Bar Soap

Magic Laundry Bar Soap leaves your laundry is clean, stain-free, and smelling fresh, all while maintaining their color!

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About Us

Unified Chemicals is a large manufacturing company in southern Africa with our base of operations in Lusaka, Zambia. We are the proud producers of the highest-grade edible oil and soaps.

Our History

The Unified Chemical Company was founded and incorporated in Zambia in 1979, to help meet shortages of essential commodities occurring at that time. Over the years the company has established a name for producing high-quality products at low prices. Recognizing a need for locally produced vegetable oil, the company began the construction of a new, modern vegetable oil refining center to continue its tradition of high-quality products.

During the period, 1998 – 2003, the company went through a major rehabilitation of its plant and facilities culminating in the establishment of a modern plant along Katanga Road in the industrial area of Lusaka for the refining of crude soya oil and the manufacturing of soaps and detergents.


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Family Based Products

Our Operations:

We pay close attention to all aspects of the value chain from sourcing and processing raw materials to packing, branding, merchandising, and distribution of our products. The idea is to ensure high efficiency and deliver a consistent quality product to our markets.
Unified Chemicals is part of the ICZ Group of Companies and is one of the sister companies. All business units operate independently while ICZ is the parent body. Other business units in the group are focused on carton packaging, paper trading, and plastic packaging.


Our Brands:

Unified Chemicals strives to be a regional consumer products business by expanding our range of consumer products, offering specialized applications and customer solutions while also expanding its position in cooking oil and soap segments. To support its strategic vision and growth plans, after remaining a privately controlled business for over 25 years, we have invested in a new refinery and manufacturing facility in Zambia. We also added soap and washing powder to the product portfolio.

The addition of washing powder and soap products to our product portfolio has helped us to offer a range of consumer products for our existing and new customers who import and distribute various end products in the destination markets.

The addition of new products under our brands not only opens up new opportunities for us but also provides significant synergies to our existing business.