Unified Chemicals

Unified Chemicals is a large manufacturing company in southern Africa with our base of operations in Lusaka, Zambia. We produce the highest grade edible oil and soap

The Unified Chemical Company was founded and incorporated in Zambia in 1979, to help meet shortages of essential commodities occurring at that time.

Over the years the company has established a name for producing high quality products at low prices. Recognising a need for locally produced vegetable oil, the company began the construction of a new, modern vegetable oil refining center to continue its tradition of high quality products.

During the period, 1998 – 2003, the company went through a major rehabilitation of its plant and facilities culminating in the establishment of a modern plant along Katanga Road in the industrial area of Lusaka for the refining of crude soya oil and the manufacturing of soaps and detergents.

The plant and technology for the refinery was supplied by a company who are the world leaders in edible oil refining technology. The oil refinery was commissioned in June, 2004 and soap plant was commissioned in December, 2014. The market share of the company in the domestic sector is steadily increasing and limited quantities are being exported to neighbouring countries.

Our 3 main brands: Olé (edible oil), Solo (soap), and Magic (washing powder).

About Us

Our Vision

To have our products represented and used in every household in Zambia and the region.

Our Mission Statement

We endeavor to make our products a part of your daily life experience by consistently providing easily accessible, safe, and high-quality products to the Zambian and Regional Markets.

Our Core Values

  1. Product Quality and Customer retention is at the center of our business
  2. Our Employees are our assets. Systems and HR efficiency
  3. Team Work and Responsiveness to change
  4. Corporate Social Responsibility


The management at Unified Chemicals take pride in taking a focus beyond just the bottom line, but mainly to the customer, the product, and all stakeholders.

Our Team

Late Mr. Harshad A. Patel

Mr. Harshad Patel was a successful businessman and had 34+ years experience in the manufacturing industry and corporate management. Unified Chemicals and its position as a market leader can be attributed based on the vision and management of Mr. Patel. Unified Chemicals is part of a conglomerate which was led by Mr. Patel in conjunction with 3 other large manufacturing plants: Industrial Cartons of Zambia, Proton, and Polycor Limited. His vision to develop an organization with quality and affordable products along with philanthropic initiatives are the founding values that the company was built on and believes in to this day.

Dr. Walter Bleeker
Dr. Bleecker is an Architect and Biochemical Geneticist with 30+ years experience in the manufacture of soaps and detergents and the refining of vegetable oils. An American that can trace his roots to Zambia as far back as the 1960’s, he came to call Zambia home with a strong passion to deliver value to the community and industry. The birth of Unified Chemicals and its product development can be largely attributed to his vision.