Unified CSR

Unified Chemicals sees corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a vital part of growth in Zambia since it established itself as one of the leaders of the industrial sector. Established in 1978 the company has pledged itself in various community enrichment projects as championed by our founders. We have made major strides in enriching projects such as Education bursaries, access to water, supporting religious and community institutions, as well as youth programs. Over the years we have tried to play a role in making contributions to orphanages, homes for the disabled, helping the vulnerable, and supporting sports and youth events.

Giving back is a core value for Unified Chemicals and something we always endeavor to. Giving back to the same society and eco-system that has enabled our growth is more then just about “doing-the-right-thing,” but an acknowledgement of our own gratitude and recognizing there is still many elements of our society that need/deserve help and support. If we are able to play our part in any small way, we know the positive results of that are unmeasurable.

Through this our own societies will improve and ultimately, lives will be saved and opportunities created. We recognize there is always more to do and believe the only way to make the world a better place is to always positively contribute toward the betterment of everyone while we grow as a company.